Birth Day

I woke up at 5:00am Saturday (New Year’s Eve) with a sudden urge to read birth stories online. Seriously. It was like a craving. So weird. I found myself on the couch – googling.  By midmorning I was at the birthing center. Things were moving along FAST and we expected a baby sometime that afternoon.

birthday1(My husband tweeted, “No place I’d rather be on New Year’s Eve!”)

When afternoon came, we did NOT have a baby. My labor stopped progressing. I stayed “the same” for hours. By evening, my doctor was very concerned. I was attempting a postdate VBAC and baby’s heart rate was starting to have sudden dips. I’ve shared with y’all before that after three normal deliveries, my fourth baby was 10lbs 11oz, transverse, and born by c-section. We suspect that I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes. In this 5th pregnancy, I had diagnosed gestational diabetes that was being controlled by diet. After a powwow with my doctor, my family, and a time of prayer, late in the evening on New Year’s Eve, we rushed into the operating room for a repeat c-section. It was then we learned that baby was occiput posterior position, the cord was wrapped around his neck, and he was big (9lbs 2oz). In the words of my doctor, “now we know why he wasn’t coming.”

birthday2(The kiddos seeing him for the first time with cameras and camera phones in hand.)

Swallowed meconium, low apgar score, one severed uterine artery later and… He’s here. He’s pink, hungry, healthy and well. I’m recovering, savoring, and wondering how many days I can stay in my P.J.’s?


The joy of having a baby on New Year’s Eve is only made sweeter with these two words: tax deduction.  😉

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