Online Courses

What you’ll learn:

  • 3 Cool Things about Essential Oils
  • 3 Ways to Use Essential Oils
  • Favorite Essential Oils and Blends
  • Best Way to Buy
  • Your Top Concerns and Protocols
  • Plus Free Gifts from me!

Together we will allow the gospel of John to introduce us to Jesus in a new and refreshing light. We will spend four sessions talking about the extravagant grace of Jesus, how Jesus is the door, abundant life and how Jesus is not just a King, but he is also a friend.

If People Are Driving You Crazy, Take Back the Keys! This Course includes:

  • Welcome video with a downloadable and printable course workbook
  • Lesson 1: Keep Your Cool and Choose a Joyful Life
  • Lesson 2: Difficult Situations, Difficult Dispositions, and Maybe It’s Me?
  • Lesson 3: Rewrite the Story
  • Closing Video

Amanda is sharing her best mom hacks for Planning, Meals, and Productivity. Learn how intentional living and a few hacks can transform your days and weeks. Together, we will make a plan for success! Let’s squeeze every single happy drop out of life that we possibly can. Let’s design a life we love!

God desires to reveal his promises for you, but he also desires for you to take possession of them. If you are looking for a fresh start and a new perspective on your life, this study is for you. In this study, we have four primary areas of focus:

  • Breaking free from bondage
  • Moving toward the promise
  • Finding God in the transition
  • Surviving or Thriving?

Cultivating Love in Your Life
and in Your Community

We are going to dive deep into cultivating love in your life.  What’ll you see is that by intentionally showing love, you’ll receive and feel so much more love than you’ve ever experienced.