Creating a Names List

Here are some starter categories we suggest to use as resources for brainstorming your Names List:

1. Family
2. High School
3. College
4. Past Coworkers
5. Current Work
6. Wedding List
7. Cell Phone Contacts
8. Neighborhood
9. Clubs/Organization
10. Sports
11. Church
12. Professional Associations
13. Location (Who do you know in NY, LA, Dallas, etc.)
14. Vocation (Who do you know is a doctor, lawyer, dentist, etc.)

As you fill out this list, it is possible to average at least 50 names per category. For example, your alumni directory likely includes 10,000 names, your Home Owners Association probably has hundreds of names, and your extended family will easily branch into more hundreds of names. Don’t forget to include the extended family of each person on your family list, and their extended family, and so on.

When you have a lot of people to talk to about your business, you have more confidence and more posture. You gain control over your business and your future. Knowing that your success doesn’t rest with just one, two, or a dozen people gives you an incredible edge. When you have an abundance of people to share your business with, you’ll have incredible posture with people, knowing you don’t need them; THEY NEED YOU! You never want a personal contact to say to you, “Why didn’t you ever tell me about this?”

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